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  • Electronic Tracking of Shipments
  • Proof of Delivery by Return Email
  • Overnight Delivery in Most Areas
  • Same Day Service Sydney and Wollongong
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Storage & Handling...

After over 50 years in business our company understands a lot about logistics and time-sensitive freight, that can help you service your customers better.

On top of the usual range of courier offerings, we can also provide a number of additional storage services to help move your products efficiently to their final destination while at the same time, taking the pressure off your existing warehouse facilities.

Barnetts are famous for handling so-called ‘Ugly Freight’ . We specialise in transporting over dimension items that most other courier companies avoid.

See below to get more of an idea of what Barnetts can do for you and your Team.

Storage Facilities

Warehousing is an integral component of any transport company, so getting it right when providing a storage solution for you is not only important, it’s paramount. 

 Some customers require temporary palletised storage off-site – this may be for short term space reasons or for ensuring that their stock is readily available in regional areas.

At Barnetts, we offer strategically located Warehouses in major channels across the East Coast of Australia, with a range of  options to suit your storage requirements.

Secure storage is currently available, by prior arrangement, in our Depots conveniently located in:

Over Dimension Goods

We understand that there is no such thing as standard sizing when it comes to transport and we have had many years of experience dealing with the numerous challenges dictated by our industry, especially when it comes to larger freight movements.

Barnetts Couriers specialise in handling long or bulky, so-called ‘ugly freight’, that most other courier companies refuse to accept. 

After more than 50 years in the transport sector, we have the knowledge and skill to handle your ever evolving freight requirements.

We are able to cater for cargo up to & including 8 metres in length. Tubes,  poles and large pallets are a particular favourite – ask our Call Takers how we can assist your team.