Reliable Overnight Service

For all your General Transport needs!

  • Electronic Tracking of Shipments
  • Proof of Delivery by Return Email
  • Overnight Delivery in Most Areas
  • Same Day Service Sydney and Wollongong
  • Same Day Service Melbourne Metro

Some handy hints

  1. Have the weight ready in kilograms
  2. Calculate the volume (or Cube) i.e. L x W x H – in metres
  3. Use ACCOUNT LOGIN – if you already have an account with Barnetts
  4. Type first 4 letters of SUBURB where goods are coming from, then select the appropriate SUBURB from the list and click OK
  5. Type first 4 letters of the SUBURB where goods are going to, then select the appropriate SUBURB from list and click OK
  6. The system will decide whether the weight or volume is used to calculate the freight charge
  7. This estimating tool will not take in to account any applicable surcharges that may apply, such as phone calls. Please confirm these additional charges with our Team at the time of booking

NOTE: All charges are calculated at 4 cubic metres per tonne.

** Rates cannot be calculated with this tool if the entire planned freight movement is not handled by Barnetts fleet i.e. On-forwarders are required to pickup or deliver the consignment. To obtain pricing please email

Rates - City to City

Rates - City to City

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