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About Us…

Want To Know Our Secret?

After humble beginnings in the 60’s, with our Founders, Bob & Betty Barnett (pictured), delivering a piece of equipment for a broken down truck until now, with more than five decades of experience operating in one of Australia’s most competitive industries, Barnetts Couriers have learnt a lot of valuable lessons about how to survive and prosper in the transport sector.

Bob Barnett has always maintained a customer focus is essential, taking a “customer comes first” approach and he is also an innovator, willing to embrace change, which helps to keep the business viable and up to date with our ever changing delivery requirements.

We have a network of depots spreading from South East Queensland to South of Melbourne, which provide a coordinated distribution channel, that many of our Customers require. We are also able to provide secure storage at the majority of our Depots, to ensure that your freight is ready when your are.

If we had to choose a single reason for our success, it would have to be our Teamwork that provides us with our competitive edge.

We understand that other transport Companies may offer many of these same services, the difference is that here at Barnetts we deliver, in more ways than one.

For more information on how we started and grew to our present size, please see below.

Our Customer Focus

During the last 50 years we have developed Barnetts Couriers into a group of Owner Drivers with their own small business entities, who are able to provide a wider coverage area, with the same reliability in the service supplied to you, our Customer.

When you book a job with Barnetts Couriers, our Team of highly skilled and motivated transport operators go to work.

From the person that takes your telephone request to the job dispatcher and drivers, each is responsible for their area of expertise.

A consignment may move between many sets of hands, from drivers to warehouses, back to a driver. At each stage of the process, our skilled operators are responsible for the safe and reliable movement of your consignment.

This means that every process is checked and then re-checked for accuracy. We don’t just depend on our in vehicle computer network to ensure success at every stage, but use the expertise of an experienced team to give us, and you, that competitive edge.

We’re Innovators

Our advanced computer system has been especially designed with you and your transport needs in mind.

This system allows you to book jobs on-line, track your freight in real time, print labels (supplied) to be placed on your freight, as well as print your proof of deliveries.

Our system even allows you to view the last 6 months of freight movements either dispatched from you, delivered to you or charged to you.

At Barnetts, we are proud to say that we were the first company in the world to have in operation a laser image reading computer. If you require a proof of delivery all you have to do is call our helpful staff, give them your Job/Booking number and they will email you a signed copy of your docket. 

Want to know more?

We pride ourselves on our Quality and Service here at Barnetts, which continues to keep us at the forefront of the transport industry.

We’re Australian Owned & Operated and employ many local community members. We proudly support local jobs and the Australian economy.

Let us know how we can assist you and your Team with all your General Transport Needs!

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